Excavator 360

This course is designed to give candidates the necessary theory and practical skills to enable them to pass their NPORS theory and practical tests which are conducted on this course. You can obtain either an Above 10 tonne ticket, or an Up to 10 tonne.

This course is suitable for anyone looking to get their NPORS Excavator Above or Below 10 tonne ticket. On this course we have three experience ‘levels’.


10 Day Course


5 Day Course


1 Day Course

During your course you will cover basic and advanced operations on an Excavator, such as trenching, backfilling and much more.

We evidence your learning using the Mindset SPEC Skills card.


The Mindset SPEC Skills Card is the best way to keep track of your learning whilst you train with Mindset Training.


Your training can be tracked over four categories: Standard, Paperwork, Evidence, and Certificates, keeping you in the loop at all times. To find out more, click here.

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