Approved Training Organisation

What is an ATO?

In short, an ATO (Approved Training Organisation) is an organisation which provides construction training courses and qualifications to a defined and industry agreed training standard set by the CITB. To become and ATO (Approved Training Organisation), organisations have to complete CITB’s approval process to become a recognised CITB centre.

To learn more about ATO’s click here to view the CITB website.


Why to book training through an ATO:

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Construction Training Register is an online database of construction workers that employers can access to check their achievements. This is where training providers upload achievements following course completion. This means you can see the training that your employees (or potential employees) have completed. If you’re already signed up to use CITB’s online services you can request access to the CTR if you’re not already signed up to online services you would need to do that first.

The Construction Training Directory (CTD) is where customers can search for training courses that are scheduled to be delivered by Approved Training Organisations; you can also find their venue and contact details. Only ATO’s have access to advertise their training dates on here.

No! All we ask is that you let us organise, and deliver your training.

No! CITB will alert us once they’ve dispatched the monies into your account, and we will then invoice you.

There isn’t one! Become one of Mindset’s ATO clients today! Get in touch today at 01373 464878 or