All about NVQ's

What is an NVQ?

An NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) is a work-based qualification – which is carried out at a college, school, workplace or training centre.

An NVQ is a way of evidencing your knowledge and skills needed to do a job. The candidate needs to demonstrate their competency in their chosen NVQ pathway.

For more information,  check the SQA website here.


What are the benefits of NVQ's?

NVQ’s are a brilliant way of up-skilling, or proving your knowledge in construction.


Just hearing ‘NVQ’ might sound scary at first, but we’re confident anyone can achieve their level 2 with us, as we help guide and support you the whole way through.


There are many benefits to NVQ’s, but here’s some of our top reasons:


Lifetime qualification – Unlike many other qualifications, once you have a Level 2 NVQ or above, it’s with you for life! With a Level 2 NVQ you can apply for a Blue Skilled Workers CSCS card, meaning you won’t have to take a days course every 5 years!


Prove your practical ability to current or future employers – Prove your level of understanding to employers by moving up to a Level 2 NVQ, showing a deeper and more thorough understanding of your trade.


Earn while you learn – You don’t need to quit work to gain an NVQ! We’re able to gain the necessary evidences on you whilst you work, and we’re more than happy to travel to you on site to do so!


Gain a recognised qualification without exams – We don’t like exams either! Taking your NVQ means you get a nationally recogninsed qualification without the stress of exams, result!


THE MINDSET EXCLUSIVE BENEFIT – Completing your NVQ with Mindset Training means your NVQ will be tracked through the MiVQ smart card system! MiVQ is the new trailblazing way of tracking your progress, and evidencing your NVQ. To find out more, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mindset Training are a team of professionals with over 100+ years of muddy boots experience. Due to this our assessors are filled with knowledge on ever possible situation on site to help build your NVQ to the best it can be.

The cost of your NVQ can be between £600 and £1200 dependant on wether you’ve trained with us before, how much evidence/experience you already have and more. To find out how much your NVQ could cost, contact us on 01373 464878.

Your NVQ length differs dependant on wether you’ve trained with us before, your existing evidence, how much experience you have within the selected NVQ, and much more. To find out how long it would take us to build your NVQ, get in touch with us on 01373 464878.

Yes! Your NVQ is accredited by SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority).

Yes! Payment plans are available. To find out what payment plan we can arrange for you, get in contact on 01373 464878.

Yes! NVQ’s are claimable through the CITB Skills and Training Fund. To find out more about the Skills and Training Fund click here to go to the CITB Website or to enquire about using yours to get NVQ’s, get in touch on 01373 464878.

Available NVQ's