NPORS is an alternative to the CPCS scheme. It offers accredited training the same as CPCS does and offers registration and verification, much in the same way that EUSR PLUS does. Whilst not new, NPORS is now becoming   one of the most recognised accredited training schemes in the UK.

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We provide NPORS courses

Our NPORS Courses

Prices from £300+vat for Experienced worker tests.
Prices from £800+vat for Semi-Skilled Operators.
Prices from £2,795+vat for the full 10 day Novice course.
Don’t forget, we can now deliver the above & below 10t Excavator ticket.


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Back in 2014, NPORS became a UKCG ‘accepted record scheme’, meaning that it is recognised as being equivalent to CPCS. NPORS cards also carry the CSCS logo in the same way that CPCS cards do. This was done as part of a drive to bring all card schemes under a ‘one logo’ policy, making employers able to easily recognise valid schemes and cards.

Some companies prefer NPORS to CPCS training and testing as NPORS arguably offers more flexibility. NPORS still ensures compliance with strict standards in the same way as CPCS. NPORS also offers cost savings over CPCS.

NPORS training is a much more adaptable scheme than others. The course can be specified in your company’s working environment.

How to achieve an NPORS CSCS Operator Card
How to achieve an NPORS Operator Card

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