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What is a CITB Approved Training Organisation? (ATO)

CITB is changing the way it supports training across the construction industry. The biggest part of this change is the introduction of ATO’s, or Approved Training Organisations . An ATO is defined by the CITB as “an organisation which provides construction training courses and qualifications to a defined and industry-agreed training standard”.

Mindset Training are thrilled to say they have been accredited ATO status since August 2018!

Why is it important to book training with a CITB Approved Training Organisation?

The plan that the CITB has put in place means that in the near future, companies will only be able to claim grant payments for training that has been booked through an ATO. The CITB will be deactivating the Employer Application forms for grants, and this funding will be triggered by the ATO themselves.

The CITB determine which courses are eligible for grants, and these courses are mapped against industry set standards. After completing one of these courses, the ATO are required to upload the candidate achievements to the Construction Training Register (CTR) within 10 days. This upload is what triggers the grant payment.

In order to upload the training onto the CTR, the ATO must be able to collect the following information from the candidates:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • National Insurance Number
  • Employer Levy Number

If any of these details are missing at the end of the course, this will cause a delay in the grant payment being triggered.

We are not currently able to upload all the courses that we run, however this will change as new standards are uploaded by the CITB.

Courses we can claim for Courses we cannot claim for
NRSWA Street Works Full Course – £120 NRSWA Street Works Re Assessment
NRSWA Street Works Unit 2/10 – £30 NPORS Plant Testing (In Process)
NPORS S001 – Construction Safety Awareness – £30 Emergency First Aid Training
NPORS Plant Training – £120 In House

What is the Construction Training Register (CTR)?

The Construction Training Register (CTR) is an online database of candidates that employers can access to check their achievements. This is where ATO registered training providers upload achievements after the courses have been completed. This means you can see which training your workers (or potential workers) have completed. If you’re already signed up to use CITB’s online services you can request access to the CTR if you’re not already signed up to online services you would need to do that first.

What is the Construction Training Directory (CTD)?

The Construction Training Directory (CTD) is where clients can search for training courses that are scheduled to be delivered by Approved Training Organisations; you can also find their venue and contact details. Only ATO’s have access to advertise their training dates on here.

If you want to talk about your grant claims in more detail, give us a call on 01373 464878, or email us at