Bespoke Courses!

Open your own course for a date and location that suits you

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Building Your Own Course

Bespoke training with the location, dates, & qualifications to suit you

As a training provider with employees throughout the business holding years of experience in the construction industry; we know the hurdles of construction training.

We try our best to offer a variety of courses across a range of available dates, although we understand projects and deadlines can make these hard to meet.

For a fully bespoke training schedule suited to you, and your commitments, we offer the opportunity to build your own course. This gives you the freedom to book your course for a location, date(s), and qualification(s) of your choice – full flexibility, and we’ll work with you to make it as easy and stress-free as possible.

Prices are bespoke to your needs and calculated upon enquiry, however we aim to keep costs as low as possible. We do advise enrolling a number of candidates to keep the cost per person as efficient as possible.

To build your course, or for more information, please contact George at: